Channels for different Use Cases

When another channel makes sense and what adaptation options there are

With a channel, an existing chatbot can be played out on another website domain (with any number of URLs) with separate content, chat widget design and other separate settings.

All channels access the identical chatbot knowledge base, i.e. the topics that the chatbot understands using artificial intelligence. The roll-out to websites of other markets by means of a chatbot channel is the appropriate solution, provided that the expected user requests do not differ thematically or only slightly depending on the market.

Typical use cases: 

1. an existing chatbot in another language is created using a channel. 

2. the same topics with adapted response content on different websites (e.g. newspaper publishers with different regional websites).

In the moinAI Hub, the channel can be changed in the Statistics, Intents, Conversations, Widget & Teaser and Preview sections.

Switching between channels

There is no separate moinAI Hub area for a channel. In the topic overview, the corresponding channel can be selected via dropdown on the right. There are corresponding channel filters that can be used to display the statistics, the intents, the widget design and the preview.

AI suggestions are not listed separately per channel, but always refer to the entire chatbot including all channels.

Website integration

In order to make the additional channel live, it must be integrated with the corresponding code on the corresponding website domain. The respective integration codes can be found in the Hub under Widget & Teaser. There you can also customise the widget design.


An additional teaser can be created under Teaser Setup. Alternatively, a manual teaser can be generated with the Teaser Generator in the Preview.


The status of a theme can be defined per channel. In the topic view, it is then possible to filter by channel.

Response content

All existing content can be transferred to the new channel and can also be machine-translated if required. In edit mode, the channel can be selected at the top and the content adapted.

The automatic transfer of response content to a new channel is only possible when setting up for the first time.


In the preview, the contents of all channels can be tested. The channel can be changed on the left-hand side.

Hub accounts

Accounts can have access to all or only individual channels.

Implementation by moinAI

A chatbot channel can be set up by moinAI within one week. If desired, the response content can be taken over, so that only small adjustments and localisations of the URLs used have to be made. If you have further questions regarding the implementation or realisation of another channel, please contact the respective Customer Success employee.