Ensure GDPR compliance

How can I enable a GDPR-compliant integration of moin.ai?

In order to ensure a GDPR-compliant integration, an internal coordination with the company's data protection officer is required.

As a Software-As-A-Service provider, knowhere is not allowed to provide legal advice or make recommendations regarding data protection law.

Many of our customers implement the following three points to ensure GDPR compliance:

1. signed order processing agreement from moin.ai - this is enclosed with every contract and will be sent again signed as a PDF after acceptance of the offer.

2. notice in the data protection regulations on the website - please coordinate this notice on moin.ai accordingly with the company's internal data protection.

3. use the GDPR features of moin.ai listed on the following page accordingly: https://www.moin.ai/chatbots-dsgvo


Is moin.ai compliant with the GDPR?

Yes, moin.ai is GDPR compliant - thanks to many years of experience and reliable knowledge in the field of data protection, we know what is important for the GDPR-compliant use of AI chatbots and have developed our solution accordingly with the following points, among others:

► Secure encryption: Of course, any data that is transmitted is securely encrypted (SSL). Anonymous data collection: We do not collect any personalised data without the prior consent of the user. 

► Hosting in Germany: Not only our moin.ai team is located in Germany, but also our data is stored here. 

► Storage of data: We only store data when it is necessary. A manual deletion at any time is also possible to grant the "right to be forgotten" to every user. 

Data protection notice: For maximum transparency, we offer the option of integrating a data protection notice in the chat widget. This must be confirmed by the user before a conversation can be started. 

► Role-based access: In order to better control access to the data of the chatbot in companies, the moin.ai Hub offers the possibility to allow each user of the Hub to access only certain areas. 


A more detailed list can be found here: https://www.moin.ai/chatbots-dsgvo