Keyword Feature

Support the AI with helpful keywords

Sometimes the chatbot receives requests that only consist of one word, e.g. “invoice“. However, the AI needs a little more context. After all, different scenarios can be inferred from the word invoice. So the AI does not know whether the user needs a new invoice, needs to adjust the invoice or has not received it at all.

The AI calculates the probability to which topic this monosyllabic request could fit. To support it in this, keywords can now be used to help the AI find the right topic.

For example, if you know from practice that when a user writes invoice, this usually means that the customer wants to receive a copy of the invoice, you can store the keyword invoice in the appropriate topic.


Only if the AI is not sure to which topic a request should be assigned, the keywords are considered.

How can the keyword feature be activated?

To activate the feature, you need the owner role. With this role, you can call up the Bot settings and activate the feature there under General settings & privacy.

How does the entry of keywords work?

Select the topic of your choice in the topic view. Now you can edit the keyword under "Fallback Keywords" in the info bar that opens on the right. After you have entered the keywords, all you have to do is click on Save


If a keyword matches several topics, a follow-up to another relevant topic can be offered for the topic for which a keyword is stored. This ensures that users are offered the correct answer in the end if their query was not unique and was assigned to the wrong topic by the keyword recognition.

What do I have to consider when it comes to keywords?

Not every topic requires keywords. Keywords should only be set if they fit the topic in any case and there is a risk of confusion with other topics or another exceptional case exists, such as explicit brand names that the AI should know. 

  • Up to 10 keywords can be stored per topic.
  • A keyword may consist of a maximum of three words.
  • A keyword must consist of at least two letters.
  • A keyword may only appear once in the chatbot.
  • It is not possible to add keywords to topics that are taken from the template.