The Preview

What does my chatbot answer actually look like in the chat? Use the preview to test saved content

The preview in the moinAI Hub offers the possibility to test saved content before it is put live. Furthermore, teasers for the chat widget can be set up there. The preview can be opened in the Hub in the upper right corner.

The link to the preview can be shared with other testers. Additional functions are available to logged-in Hub users.

Testing content

To play out the selected intent, a matching request can be entered in the widget. Alternatively, the intent can be selected in the sidebar. Clicking the "Play icon" (▶️) automatically starts the intent in the widget.

Intents with the status “Disabled” will not be played in the preview.

Changing the channel

If the chatbot uses multiple channels, the channel can be changed in a drop-down menu in the preview on the left.

Restarting a conversation

The conversation can be restarted using the restart button in the preview. Then the content in the widget will be reloaded so that the welcome message appears when it is opened.

The preview also offers the possibility to set up teasers for the chat widget, to test them and to generate directly the appropriate code for the teaser of choice. You can learn more about the teaser here.