What is the so-called Human Takeover?

Escalating to a real person

In a human takeover, the AI chatbot escalates the user's request to human employees of the company.

1. The user's request can be forwarded directly via chatbot -> support employee receives an email with the user's request.

2. The chatbot passes the request to the live chat --> support staff can answer directly in the live chat system.

The Takeover can be triggered by negating a smart query or rating question from the chatbot. In addition, the takeover is offered when the chatbot receives a question it does not understand. Two examples of how a takeover can be triggered and tested:

1. Answer not understood.

The chatbot receives a question that it does not understand or that does not match any of the existing answers. For example, the user asks the question "Do you have a green apple for me?". The chatbot answers with the fallback message. As in the first example, other answers and forwarding the message are offered as options. To start the takeover, select the button "forward".

In the takeover, the email address is requested and then sent together with the original user request as an email to a selected mail address. Afterwards, the request can be answered separately by the team with an email to the user's specified address.

2. Negated feedback question

For example, the chatbot receives the question "Where can I find the nearest train station?". The answer is the answer text stored in hub.moin.ai for "How to get there" and then the feedback question: "Was I able to answer your question? The chatbot then offers other answers and the option of forwarding the message.

To trigger the takeover, the user selects the "forward" button.