Widget-Editor: Avatar

Learn how to customise your avatar and get useful tips.

The Avatar

Why use an avatar?

Basically, we recommend working with an avatar in chatbots - because unlike a website or a navigation menu, here you meet your users in a conversational situation. Experience shows that from the user's point of view, it is much more pleasant and easier to enter into dialogue with a chatbot if it literally has a face - after all, no one likes to talk to a logo.

It is also important that the avatar's presentation makes it clear that it is a virtual counterpart and not a real person. This ensures transparency and prevents your users from expecting too much from you, as they might otherwise mistakenly assume that they are chatting with a real person.

Moini design or your own avatar - the choice is yours

You have two options for the avatar image: Choose an avatar based on our template in Moini design or alternatively use your own created avatar if you already have a suitable figure for this at hand.

Meet Moini

We have developed an avatar for our widget that is specifically tailored to the needs of a modern chatbot. Certain aspects, such as the positioning and the colour of some "body parts" are already optimally designed.

We will be happy to create a matching avatar in Moini design based on your desired colours and logo. You will receive a number of variants to choose from, from which you can select your preferred option, similar to the example below. Of course, you can choose CI-compliant colours and also your company's logo.

Advantages of the avatar in Moini design at a glance

  • specially developed for this widget and already optimally adjusted
  • colours customisable according to your specifications with your logo on the chest if desired
  • Support from our Customer Access Team

Alternative: Use your own avatar

Of course, you can also use your own avatar. Here, you should consider a few points so that your users have the most positive and smoothest experience possible with your chatbot.

  • Make sure that the avatar's face is easily recognisable and stands out clearly from the background.
  •  Make sure that the avatar's facial features are clearly recognisable.
  • If possible, choose a friendly, courteous and attentive facial expression for your avatar, without appearing too pushy.

Using our Moini avatar as an example, we have put together some tips that you should bear in mind when creating and using your own avatar:


When creating your own avatar image, make sure that the background of the avatar is neither completely white (colour code #FFFFFF) nor black (#000000) or dark grey (#222222). You should also avoid colours that are very close to these values as background colours, as these colours are already used for the border of the avatar in different places in the widget. This is important to make the avatar stand out visually well from its background in all contexts in which it may appear.

The avatar image will later appear in the widget in a circular shape. However, the image file is square and for technical reasons has a slightly larger area than is visible in the widget at the end. The required image dimensions are 64 x 64 pixels. You can use JPG or PNG as the image format. When creating the image file, use the size ratios in the example below as a guide: 

Don't have your own avatar yet? Use Moini

Our tip: If you do not (yet) have a suitable avatar and would like to save yourself the effort of developing your own avatar, you can use the avatar in the "Moini design" that we have developed especially for this widget. If you wish, we can equip the avatar image with your logo on the chest and make colour adjustments in line with your corporate colours.