AI Feedback

Learn how to give feedback to the AI

If the chatbot's AI assigns a user query to the wrong intent or reassures with the chatbot user in case of uncertainty, it is helpful that the AI receives feedback from an expert. Therefore, it is important to show the AI what the correct intent would have been. This is how it learns from its mistakes and becomes more confident. The feedback ensures that, in addition to self-learning, the AI is constantly shedding uncertainties.


In the menu Artificial Intelligence, there is a text field where you can test the AI with requests. You can enter a possible user request in the text field. After you have entered your request, the AI directly suggests the intent to which it assigns the request. Now you can check if it was assigned correctly.

To ensure the best possible recognition by the AI chatbot, it should always be checked whether the query matches the intention of the deposited topic.

Positive feedback

If you enter the query "how does ai work" in the AI feedback tool of our chatbot Moini, the intent is recognised correctly. However, the AI is unsure. The positive feedback in the form of a green tick is helpful, because the AI now receives an explicit confirmation that the assigned intent (artificial intelligence) is correct. Thus, the intent of artificial intelligence is sharpened and the AI has become a bit smarter again.


Negative feedback

The AI learns best through feedback. In the following example, the AI receives a request that is formulated somewhat abstractly, but nevertheless it should be assigned to the intent of Praxisbeispiele. Since the AI does not recognise this, it is important to tell the AI what the correct intent would have been. This can be done with by using the AI Feedback Tool, what only needs four clicks and is done within a few seconds.

It is important to note that the AI is trained to recognise the intentions of real user queries. Therefore, it does not recognise simple keyword queries.

The AI Feedback Tool is the tool for getting the most out of the AI.

Feedback can also be given to the AI in the Insights filter (area Statistics, Focus reports User requests) - simply by clicking on the little hat icon on the right. This way, queries can be directly fed back to the AI as correct or incorrect during an analysis.