AI-Assistant Companion

The assistant creates complete reply content in the hub to suit the chat format or adapts existing content on request.

As a personal assistant, the Companion takes on smaller or larger tasks in the area of answer design as an editorial assistant. The Companion as an answer-assistant supports the creation of answer concepts in two ways: it drafts concepts independently or takes on smaller and larger tasks in the area of the design as an editorial assistant. It helps with adding smaller pieces of content or assists with customizing the structure of the answer.

Call up the Companion 

a) Companion for creating answer concepts
The button with the three stars opens the Companion for the complete generation of an answer concept.

b) Companion as an editorial assistant

The button on the top right hand corner opens the sidebar. The button with the star calls up the editorial assistant. The Companion reveives prompts via text messages inserted into the chat and assists during the process of editing a pre-existing answer-concept.

Functions of the Companion

The functions of the companion are seperated into a) the generation of complete answers and b) the editing of pre-existing answers. Used combined the companion enables the fully automated creation and customization of answers. 

a) Function of the companion: Creation of answers 

The new Feature automatically creates answers. To use the function, click on the button with the three stars. This button is placed in the toolbar right next to the title of the intent.

In the next step a URL can be inserted. Further information can be inserted, however this is optional and not necessarily needed for the companion to work.
Using the content of the inserted web-page the companion uses artificial intelligence to generate answers. In total the companion drafts three distinct answers. 

Click the button continue and receive the three drafts created by the companion. Please consider, that this process can take up to a few seconds. 

The three drafts are then presented, summarized in bullet points. One of the three drafts can be selected and by clicking continue the draft is inserted into the editor. 

b) Functions of the companion - editorial assistant

A simple prompt inserted into the chat assigns the task for the companion. Based on a single text inserted into the editor the companion then creates an answer.

The companion starts his work as soon as it receives a task via the chat. The prompt should be as precise as possible to enable the best results. 

The style of the response (e.g. emojis, tone of voice, etc.) is defined via this prompt as well. 

The companion starts its work after it received the prompt. This work can take up to a few minutes. The process is communicated by the companion in the chat. 

The then created version can be checked in the editor and be saved or discarded. 

By clicking the info-button further suggestions can be seen as well as exemplary prompts that can be used to assign a task to the companion. In the same section the restart-button enables to discard all drafts and start the process again. 

Please note that the companion is not able to search web-pages on its own. It is therefore necessary to insert all relevant information by hand. 

The companion will be able to crawl websites in the future. 

The companion is accessible only in the main channel. In the future the companion will be accessible in all channels.