AI-Assistant Companion

The assistant creates complete reply content in the hub to suit the chat format or adapts existing content on request.

The current version of the Companion is the beta version.


The companion is your personal assistant when it comes to generating response. As an AI assistant, the companion takes on small or large tasks in the area of response design. Do you just want to add some content, adapt the structure of the response or create a completely new concept? The companion helps you in all situations to create the desired answer concepts for every intent.

Where to find the companion?

The companion can be called up in the edit mode of a topic via the symbol with the three stars in the top right-hand corner.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-11-06 um 11.24.02


Once the companion has been called up, it can be assigned a task via text input. It is possible to either edit the existing content or to completely generate new content.
This can be done by simply entering a coherent text message. The companion can then be instructed to create a response from this. 
To make the best possible use of the companion, it is important to ensure that the work instructions are formulated as precisely as possible. 
Once the work instructions have been issued, the companion prepares the required suggestions. The Info-i in the top right-hand corner of the chat window can be used to access the suggestions and select the appropriate one.


At the moment, the companion is not yet able to crawl real websites, so it cannot search for the relevant information itself. 
However, this capability will come in the future!

Momentarily, the companion is not yet available in english. Furthermore please consider, that its only applicable in the main-channel.