Preparing for the Go Live

The most important steps for that chatbot's go live

1. Intents

  • The chatbot should go live with at least 10 to 15 intents.
    After the go-live, the AI will generate further intent suggestions.
  • The topics must be set to the status "Active in live bot" before the go-live (read more). 
    The adjustments are transferred to the live chatbot via the Publish button at the top right of the Hub.

2. Takeover

For sending takeover requests via email, the operational contact persons are usually stored in the preview in order to be able to test them.

The Customer Success Management Team needs the email address(es) of the recipient(s) for the takeover in the live chatbot.

3. Integration

The go-live is completed by integrating the widget code on the website and 
publishing the chat widget by the customer on the website. 

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