Teaser Insights

Teaser Insights provide insights how often the teaser and action buttons were clicked on.

In the Teaser Setup under the menu item Widget & Teaser, statistics can be viewed for a teaser created in the moinAI Hub.

Clicking on a teaser in the teaser overview opens an info box on the right:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-12-06 um 12.56.31


The following insights are provided for the period, which can be selected and set by the user:

  • Total click rate: How often the teaser was displayed and the click rate.
  • Distribution of clicks: 
    • How often the teaser was clicked as an absolute number
    • Click rate of the respective action buttons


The results can be used to check whether action buttons and their texts should be optimised, e.g. because they are irrelevant or misleading for users and are therefore not clicked. In addition, the influence of adjustments to the teaser text and action buttons can be measured by comparing the time periods.