Link e-mail addresses and telephone numbers

Generate HTML "mailto" links and link telephone numbers in buttons within your chatbot answers

Link e-mail adresses

As explained in the article Editing chatbot answers, URLs for websites can be stored behind link buttons in a chatbot response.

E-mail addresses can also be linked. Clicking on the link opens the corresponding e-mail programme for the user. To ensure that an e-mail can be processed directly by the right person or department, it is possible to enter a predefined e-mail subject in the link, which is then automatically adopted.

It can be easily created with this tool:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-03 um 13.48.01

The corresponding recipient addresses simply have to be entered, the subject defined and a text can also be pre-formulated in the e-mail itself.

The generated code can then be inserted in the hub as a link. 

Link telephone numbers

If telephone numbers are to be linked behind a button, this can be done quickly and easily.
A certain formatting must be observed.
Telephone references always begin with tel: followed by the telephone number incl. country code and without any spaces, e.g.:

Bildschirm­foto 2023-04-04 um 10.23.10The telephone number including the country code and without spaces is inserted as a link (with an example number): tel:00494022866528

Tip: In order for users to be able to copy the email address or telephone number from the response played out, it should be mentioned in the previous text message or used as button text.

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