Generate more precise user insights

How more detailed evaluations of the AI chatbot can be obtained from the user

When feedback is to be collected within the AI chatbot, the moinAI Hub offers two options by default: Obtain user feedback via a yes/no rating query or set a conversion measurement that shows how often buttons or links are clicked. In addition to these existing options, more sophisticated feedback models can also be used. This article explains which options are available here and provides practical examples:

Where and how to ask for detailed feedback in the AI chatbot

In order to get a realistic picture of the customer's opinion, it should be played out in the happy and unhappy path, i.e. always after the conversation has been completed or after an answer has been given. The extended feedback query can be implemented in various ways.

Variant 1: Insert link to external evaluation tool

If there is already an existing evaluation tool that is used to evaluate the website, it can be easily inserted and used via a button in the Happy and Unhappy Path. The users will be redirected from the chatbot to the external tool and can submit a rating there.

Example: Here the Net Promoter Score can be consulted


Variant 2: Requesting feedback via form

Forms are another option for requesting detailed feedback. Here, feedback can be requested either through predefined buttons or through free-text queries. In this way, in-depth information, such as the type of customer, can be conveniently requested and transmitted by e-mail.

Another advantage is the possibility to gain insight into the use of the form via the form insights. Values such as the distribution of votes in multiple choice queries and the dropout rate can be easily accessed in the hub.