Extend the privacy policy of the website

Information for the extension of the privacy policy on the website

You can use the following information for an internal review if you need to extend your privacy policy. 

On the moinAI website you will find general information on data protection topics and in the knowledge base information on DSGVO compliance. All details are to be found in the Data Processing Agreement.

moinAI only stores anonymised data, except for information that the user sends to the chatbot.

The anonymised data is only stored if the chat widget or teaser is interacted with and the chatbot is configured in the settings to remember users.

In the chat widget, when a chat message is forwarded to the customer service (human takeover), an email address is requested (in addition, possibly other information depending on the setting) and thus a personal data record is collected.

Chatbot conversations can be deleted manually in the moinAI Hub at any time for Owner Hub accounts. It is also possible to define to delete chatbot conversations data after a specified period of time in the moinAI Hub settings.

By default, conversations are stored in the hub until the end of the contract period.
If the period becomes shorter, it must be noted that the associated analysis options are lost and the AI has less data for independent learning. The recommendation is that conversations are deleted after 90 days at the earliest.
The options for deletion are:

  • after 30 days
  • after 60 days
  • after 90 days
  • after 120 days
  • after 180 days
  • after one year
  • never

moinAI does not give any recommendations or provides any legal advice for the wording of the extension to the privacy policy. Examples of privacy statements with references to chatbots may be found via this Google search. However, some of the results are notices for Facebook Messenger chatbots, whose integration into the privacy policy is more extensive.

Examples from companies that use moinAI and refer to the chatbot as part of their privacy policy:


The moinAI chat widget does not use classical cookies. 

To store and recognise users, localStorage Keys are stored in the web browser - if the chat widget or teaser is interacted with and the chatbot is configured in the settings to remember users.

Optionally, the privacy policy can also be referred to in the chat conversation. For more information, see Playing out the privacy policy notice.