Introduction to the Hub

The Hub contains various tools for controlling and monitoring the AI chatbot.

The hub is displayed after login and is the heart of your AI chatbot. At first glance, it can look a bit overwhelming, so in this article you will find the basics explained briefly and concisely.

The menu on the left lists the different areas with different functions.

Tip: The hub can also be opened on mobile devices and adapts accordingly. With the Hub, you have a full overview at all times, even when you're on the move.


The dashboard offers a general overview of the responsible CSM employee, some key figures and expert tips, as well as interesting facts about the chatbot.


The conversations between users and the AI chatbot can be viewed in the conversations section.


The results of the AI chatbot can be viewed under the menu item Statistics. The observation period can be freely defined and can be set with the calendar symbol. Various key figures are available for measuring success, such as the number of conversations or the degree of automation.

Basic CX

The AI chatbot uses elements to guide the conversation with the user. The elements greeting, not understood, happy path, unhappy path, rating and thank you can be found in the menu item Basic CX. They are used for general interaction and are played by the AI chatbot at different points of a conversation. They can be customised in the moinAI Hub.


Under Intents, there is first an overview of the created intents on which the chatbot has been trained. In the individual topics, the corresponding contents of answers can be edited.

In addition, a list of the current AI suggestions for new topics can be found here after the go-live.


In addition, there is the possibility to modify forms under the menu item of the same name. In the case of forms, the chatbot requests the necessary data from users and forwards it to a service team by e-mail, for example.

Widget & Teaser

In the Widget & Teaser section, the design of the chat widget can be adjusted if necessary and teasers can be added to the chat widget.

Bot Settings

Under Bot Settings, all users with access to the bot can be viewed, as well as the privacy settings and channel management.

Artificial Intelligence

In the Artificial Intelligence section, you will find the AI Feedback Tool, which can be used to correct requests that are not yet being recognised smoothly.


To view the result and test the created content, a current test version of the chatbot can be opened in the Hub in the upper right corner with the preview.


Changes to the chatbot's content can be made live by clicking the Publish button.

Quick search

To quickly find the desired topic, you can use the quick search. You can enter the search term of your choice - either the name of the desired topic or a reference variant, i.e. a typical question on the topic.


In addition, all important information about new features and announcements regarding the AI chatbot solution moinAI can be found directly in the hub. By clicking on the info-i in the top right corner, you can view the product news.