How to optimise lead generation

Measures to increase the quantity and quality of leads generated by the AI chatbot

The AI chatbot can be used for automated generation and pre-qualification of leads to increase the efficiency of the sales process and relieve the sales team. To optimise the performance of the AI chatbot, these tips and hints should be followed.

Special chatbot forms automate the pre-qualification process

In order to provide the team with high-quality leads, forms with appropriate queries are created for various concerns, e.g. information on product interest, phone number, appointment request, customer number or similar. In addition to the general takeover form for enquiries that are not understood, the other forms are used to hand over pre-qualified leads for consultation, product interest, appointment booking, etc.

Tip: Only information that is relevant for pre-qualification should be requested.


Offer forms in the relevant context

At the end of chatbot responses is a good time to offer a form for the next step. It should be checked for which topics a suitable form can be suggested to the user via a follow-up element. Forms can also be offered in the elements of conversation guidance, e.g. in the Happy Path.

Tip: moinAI also offers integrations to live chat & CRM systems to transfer pre-qualified contacts.

Successful combination: Teaser and forms

In the teaser of the chat widget, forms can be inserted directly via action button to offer them directly on the website to your visitors. The teaser management in the moinAI Hub allows you to easily display different action buttons according to the context of the subpages of a website.  

Tip: Friendly question texts within the forms lower the hurdle for users to complete the form. The Form Insights show which queries cause users to abandon.

AI chatbot without forms - how to still support lead generation

The chatbot generates new leads even without forms. Therefore, telephone numbers and email addresses should be displayed as contact options in chatbot content as clickable buttons. We also recommend linking website forms as buttons in all relevant chatbot answers as well as in elements of the basic conversation design.